What is a power of attorney? This document is a simple way of ensuring that someone you trust is able to make decisions on your behalf if at some point in the future you cannot.

We strongly suggest that clients have a Power of Attorney drawn up, regardless of their age. People can be affected by mental illness, accidents etc. At any age and having this document in place allows someone you trust to deal with your property, finances and welfare.

If someone loses capacity and there is no Power of Attorney document in place, a member of that persons family, or in some instances the local authority, have to apply to the court to be appointed the incapacitated persons guardian. This is a very long drawn out process which can cost thousands to complete.

There are various types of Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney may therefore also be useful for clients who are going to be out of the country for a period of time and wish to appoint someone they trust to manage their affairs in their absence.