Buying a home is often the biggest financial investment you will ever make. It is important you have confidence in the solicitor you have chosen to deal with your transaction. Morison and Smith Solicitors manage the entire legal process on your behalf and keep you fully updated enabling you to concentrate on moving your family and belongings.

At the outset we shall explain to you the procedures and costs involved. (Please note that we do not charge for unsuccessful offers.)

We will be happy to offer advice and help guide you throughout the buying process ensuring that your purchase completes as smoothly and quickly as possible from:

  • Noting Interest. We speak to the selling solicitor or estate agent asking that we are kept up to date with developments and that you are given an opportunity to make an offer for the property. Please be aware that noting interest does not guarantee that you will be given a chance to make an offer. The seller can decide to accept an offer that is attractive to him even after you have noted interest.
  • Surveys. We can offer advice about the different types of report, and how to interpret them.
  • Finance. Before you buy, we will speak to you so that you are aware of the basic steps you need to take to have your deposit and mortgage available in time for your date of entry. Please note, however, we do not offer advice on mortgages.
  •  Offer. We issue a formal offer on your behalf. (Please note we do not charge for the preparation of unsuccesful offers).
  •  Acceptance. The acceptance we receive is usually qualified in that many of the conditions of the formal offer issued on your behalf shall be deleted or amended by the sellers solicitor.
  • Missives. We ensure that the agreement you have reached is legally binding, and fully enforceable and understood by you. We shall provide you with copies of the contractual letters for your own peace of mind and records.
  •  Alterations. are a complex area. We shall check the contents of any Home Report/mortgage valuation to find out whether the property you are purchasing has been amended, extended or altered in any way. If so, we shall guide you through the local authority rules and regulations in respect of planning and building warrants and ensure all necessary local authority permissions and consents are in place.
  •  Title Investigation. We establish what the seller owns and whether his title is valid. We explain any relevant "title conditions" to you.
  •  Searches and Reports. We shall check all necessary searches and reports to ensure that the property is mortgageable and to ensure that the seller can validly sell the house to you.
  • Title Deeds. We prepare the necessary title transfer document and ensure that it is delivered at settlement duly signed by the seller.
  • Mortgage. We prepare and explain the documentation you must sign to obtain your loan.
  • Accounting. At the outset you will have been provided with an estimate of your costs. At completion of a transaction we give you a thorough statement of money received and money paid out.
  • Settlement. We ensure that the price is paid in exchange for your title (and the keys released to you). We do not guarantee a time and you should not presume to be able to move before 5pm.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax. We shall complete and submit your Land Transaction Return to H.M.Revenue and Customs.
  • Registration. We will submit the necessary documentation to the Land Register to register title and your security (mortgage) documents and provide you with a copy of your registered title once we receive your Land Certificate from the Land Register of Scotland.