Morison and Smith Solicitors will happily assist you with the sale of your house. We are on hand to guide you throughout the selling process - from taking your instructions on any offer, concluding missives up to completion. We shall ensure that your sale completes as smoothly as possible from:

Preparing for Sale: We contact your mortgage lenders after you supply us with a note of their name and address and your mortgage account number to enable us to have your titles in preparation for the conveyancing. We review your Home Information Pack.

Alterations: We check with you that all necessary local authority consents are available, or advise you what to do if they are not to ensure the sale of your house is not delayed.

Offer: When offers are received we explain their legal effect. When an acceptable offer is received we issue a qualified acceptance i,e, we accept some of the conditions of the formal offer to purchase, delete some and qualify others.

Missives: We ensure that a binding contract is concluded and that your interests are protected. We provide you with a copy and explain the contract to you.

Title Matters: We forward everything necessary to liaise with the purchasing solicitors so that they deliver to us for your signature the transfer of title document in favour of the buyer. We will order the necessary searches and reports which shall have to be provided to the purchasing solicitors.

Title Deeds: We ensure that the title transfer document ‘the Disposition' is correct prior to being signed by you. We shall also arrange for your mortgage  to be discharged/removed from the Land Registers record.

Settlement: We arrange with you the placement of the keys on the sale date so that we can receive the sale price. Never hand over keys to a buyer unless you have checked with us that we have received the sale price on your behalf

Accounting: We shall provide you with a clear statement of all monies received and paid out on your behalf including all charges made by this firm. We shall arange payment of your estate agency bill, pay off your mortgage and pay any outstanding factors bill before remitting the balance to you.